Friday, June 26, 2009


My buddy Jarem asked me to doll up this beachcomber bike this week. It's actually a brand new bike but it looks like it came straight from the 50's. It's color is probably the best looking robin egg blue that I have ever seen and since it's for his wife Amy, magenta, ivory and robin egg blue stripes were in order. I hope you guys like it! :)
On another note I think I need to get a bike like this in flat black~

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Rat Fink Reunion 2009

Second Day of the Rat Fink Reunion '09, getting ready to head out and Mama K took a picture of me and my beautiful wife.

Laying some stripe on the hood of a truck with no stabilo lines, for the first time! And I must say it was a little nerve-racking. Trial by fire I guess. It ended up turning out pretty good.

I also laid some stripe on this helmet.

Hanging out at Ed Roth's house on Friday.

Some of Ed Roth's original pinstriping work on a Cushman Scooter at the house, AWESOME!

This was my first year pinstriping at the show, and I was able to hand out an award for 'Artist's Choice'. I chose a '23 Ford Bucket, with a cool bomber seat and airplane rivets on the dash. It had some imaginative styling, it was awesome.

This year was by far the best year. Being a first year pinstriper (4th year at the show itself) everyone is so nice and welcoming. I look forward to many years to come. Thanks to Ilene for all the hard work that goes into making each year special.