Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Large set of Christmas Ornaments...

Here is a set of twenty ornaments I just listed on Ebay! There are Ten shiny root beer Brown Ones with Robin Egg Blue and Ivory White stripes and Ten flat Ice Blue Ones with Cashmere Brown and Tan stripes...I started them at $50.00 with no reserve. If anyone bids on them that follows my little blog here let me know and I will hook you up with cheaper shipping! :)
Thank you all...

Monday, November 22, 2010

Gone, but not forgotton...

Everyone that knows me knows that I am the biggest American history buff ever...I would actually like to be an American history teacher (when I grow up) :) but I thought it appropriate to pay tribute to one of my personal hero's today. Today, November 22 marks the 47th anniversary of John Fitzgerald Kennedy's assassination.
I was not alive during JFK's time but I have always been fascinated by him. I do believe that he made America a better place and that his ideal's were just.
I grew up on stories of him from parents and grandparents...I don't know anyone from that generation that can't remember the day he was killed like it happened yesterday. Forty seven years gone and it is still a raw nerve for so many.
I imagine 9/11 will be the same way for those that experienced it as well...almost Ten years and it is still an open wound, And I still remember that day exactly like it was yesterday.

Some previously unpublished photos from a trip to Utah just two months before his death...

Friday, November 19, 2010

Custom Pinstriped Christmas Ornaments III...

It's been a pretty great year as far as my pinstriped Christmas ornaments are concerned! I've already sold a bunch of sets and there are a lot more under the tree that are ready to go! :)
Here are a few more sets I finished this week...the top picture is of a big custom order I did that included names on a few of the ornaments, The center picture is a cool flat Brown color with Gold and Silver stripes and the bottom picture is a flat Purple with Gold and Silver stripes.
If you see anything you want just let me know and I will get a set done for you!
Thanks for looking,

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pinstriped Ornaments II

I have been busy this weekend doing more ornaments! I have a few sets for sale on ebay right now but if your interested in getting your own custom set with the colors of your choice please let me know! There is still a couple weeks left that I can finish these sets and get them shipped to you...
Thanks for looking and God bless,