Friday, November 19, 2010

Custom Pinstriped Christmas Ornaments III...

It's been a pretty great year as far as my pinstriped Christmas ornaments are concerned! I've already sold a bunch of sets and there are a lot more under the tree that are ready to go! :)
Here are a few more sets I finished this week...the top picture is of a big custom order I did that included names on a few of the ornaments, The center picture is a cool flat Brown color with Gold and Silver stripes and the bottom picture is a flat Purple with Gold and Silver stripes.
If you see anything you want just let me know and I will get a set done for you!
Thanks for looking,

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  1. These are gorgeous. It's so awesome to see how they all blend but yet each is an individual piece of artwork. I just unpacked mine from last year, what a bonus that they're unbreakable and will last!! Thank you for making them :)