Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Here Ye, Here Ye...

Still going forth on the Pinstriped Ornaments endeavor, and loving every minute of it. Below are a few more samples of some that I recently did. Unfortunately I can no longer get the matte black ornaments, so I am offering the following colors in both matte and shiny, see pictures below (still shatterproof); root beer brown, royal blue, aqua, red, and silver, and possibly lime green if I can get my hands on a few this weekend. Ornaments are 10 for $20, and shipping charges may apply. As always I take custom orders, and can pinstripe nearly any color you would like. If you are interested, please e-mail me at
social_d_apache61@yahoo.com. Thanks so much!

Above: Red (still drying), along right hand side from top to bottom; aqua, root beer brown, silver and Royal Blue. Thanks for looking.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Over the river and through the woods...

It's official...I've gone national. My longest distance customer is now from New Hampshire! Heather ordered a set of ornaments and wanted half of them to be initialed. Thank you very much for your business and I hope these help brighten your holidays!
Merry Christmas!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Have yourself a Rockabilly Christmas...

Christmas is fast approaching and it's time to start decorating...(at least at my house) so I have done something for my fellow hot rodders. These are turning into somewhat of a tradition as I make them every year! :) Hand striped ornaments. They are flat black with more festive color combination's...and yes, custom orders can be done for no additional cost. That's right, choose any colors you want, if you want a name or initials on them, whatever. They are ten for twenty bucks! If you want anything else striped in time for Christmas such as other ornaments, toys etc...let me know and I should be able to have them done with time to spare!
Thank you everyone for the support! :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Driving down the Miracle Mile....

Greetings everyone, meet Kent's little 29' cruiser. This car reminds me of the early days of hot rodding. (not that I'm old enough to actually know)...but you get the picture. This car drips nostalgia from front to back. It's got the great high boy look and the period correct wheels and tires. What more could you ask for? How bout some old skool stripes, and that is where I come in. All in all I think it came out pretty kool and it improved the overall "aura" of this little time capsule! In the near future I will be putting some lettering on this car and maybe, just maybe, some flames!

Thanks for letting me stripe your car Kent!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hey thats my bike...

For everyone not in "the know" "Hey That's My Bike" is the fictitious name of a band in one of my favorite movies...but I will let ya'll figure that one out on your own! ;) It is the perfect title for this weeks installment however!

Here is Chris Hecht's rat rod bicycle. It is a work of art...so to speak! If you like this bike check out his website at www.myrideisme.com It's crazy kool and there is a lot of stuff on there, something for everyone. He has been instrumental in helping me get my name and my artwork out to the public and for that I thank him! Chris, you rock buddy...enjoy the bike!

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Friday, October 23, 2009

I was working in the lab late one night...

Halloween is almost here! Summers over...what a drag! No more car shows, outdoor activities etc... time for hibernation! What a better way to end the season than throwing paint at a little topless T bucket! This thing is a wild ride. It oozes some pretty killer 70's nostalgia. I did a bunch of ol skool stripes on it and it sounds like this winter it's getting a makeover. No more rear fenders and turbine wheels...sounds like a pretty awesome improvement! :) There is a reason the 70's went away...I however will still quietly respect the mullett! ;) Thanks for letting me stripe on this little piece of history Derek!

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Better than Throwback Mountain Dew...

First off, any of you that know me know that I hold the 53-56 Ford F-100 (or 'effie' as they are lovingly nick named) in my heart! My first vehicle when I turned 16 was a 55 Ford F-100. They are my favorite trucks so imagine how excited I was to work on such a fine specimen!

This is Ryan Hadden's 54 Ford and it is the best example of what a traditional truck should be that I have had the privilege to work on! It has a satin white finish that is awesome, the perfect tire and wheel combo etc...

I did some simple stripe work on the hood and some door art on you guessed it...the doors! I have to give credit where credit is due so thanks to my wife and to Ryan for helping me out with the logo...it still needs another coat of red but the logo is simply perfect on this truck!
Thanks again for letting me put my touch on such a fine truck! :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ahhh...the life of a "striper"

So last week my friend Frank wanted me to do some more stripes on his 1940 Ford truck...AWESOME!!! This truck has a ton of character and sits just right! Thanks for letting me work on your truck Frank!

Its Saturday night at the cowabunga household and things are getting crazy! :) We decided it would be a good idea to try and stripe Michelle's legs...low and behold it worked! It actually turned out pretty damn cool if I do say so myself and now its giving us ideas for Halloween, our favorite holiday! :) What a tough job I have working on a beautiful womans legs! ;)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

New Friends in Duchesne...

So I got a call from a guy named Casey that wanted some work done in Duchesne...(for those non Utahns, it's pronounced "do shane" anyway, I was not really expecting to find one of the coolest rods I've seen down there but low and behold...I did. His 1929 Dodge sedan is too kool, and I'm stoked that I was chosen to stripe it! It was a busy weekend down there as I also did his Buddy's 1960 Chevy which is awesome as well and I did some golf clubs for them as well! Anyone that looks at "Ol Skool Rodz" will recognize the little Finkie eyes that bug out at the cover models! ;)
I was told that I will have more stuff to do in Duchesne when other see the stripes so I'll be keeping my fingers crossed!
Thanks again...and until next time, drive it like you stole it!