Sunday, August 30, 2009

New Friends in Duchesne...

So I got a call from a guy named Casey that wanted some work done in Duchesne...(for those non Utahns, it's pronounced "do shane" anyway, I was not really expecting to find one of the coolest rods I've seen down there but low and behold...I did. His 1929 Dodge sedan is too kool, and I'm stoked that I was chosen to stripe it! It was a busy weekend down there as I also did his Buddy's 1960 Chevy which is awesome as well and I did some golf clubs for them as well! Anyone that looks at "Ol Skool Rodz" will recognize the little Finkie eyes that bug out at the cover models! ;)
I was told that I will have more stuff to do in Duchesne when other see the stripes so I'll be keeping my fingers crossed!
Thanks again...and until next time, drive it like you stole it!


  1. Love that Dodge Sedan! See it soon on! That is soooo feature material! Nice Lines as always Andy!