Sunday, August 9, 2009

Baby's got a brand new bag!

My wife got a new 2010 Mazda 3 a couple weeks ago and what better way to really personalize it than with some stripes! Now she can represent everywhere she goes! I anticipate some people will see the old skool work on this new car and not understand it...if they aren't in the know, we aint gonna tell em right? ;)
I also did a helmet for my buddy Bob in West Valley...His house took gun fire a week ago and his beloved hot rod was injured but he says I get to restripe it for him when it gets back from the shop~ Peace, Love and Stripes!


  1. I pretty much have the coolest husband in the world, and I don't let you know that enough. I am one lucky chica to have an in-home pinstriper/customizer extraordinaire! I am really diggin' the new stripes. I am the envy of everyone on the road. =)

  2. Oh my! Gunfire? Be still my beating heart!
    Your designs, as usual, magnificent :) your softball team played superb, your wife, beautiful, your sister, adorable, your pets just naughty enough to be charming, your vegetables grow bigger than most, and even your grass much greener than anyone elses. Geez, can I be you for a day? ;)

  3. Andy, love the striping! Check out's pinstrip gallery here:
    We'd (I'm an Assoc. Editor) love to showcase your work and do a feature story on you. I'm in Utah as well, Farmington to be exact. What's the next car show or event you're attending? Would be cool to meet.
    Chris "Hechtspeed" Hecht