Saturday, June 12, 2010

Killer trophies for killer cars...

So things have been a little hectic since my little one blessed me with her presence this time last week but my wife was a trooper today and allowed me to go finish some paint work that I had to do for a charity car show that's coming up. These are some massive CAT pistons that my buddy Ryan got and made into trophies. I did the custom paint work and I'm still going to stripe them up but I gotta wait till the clear is a little harder!

Thanks to Ryan for including me in this great show for a wonderful cause, Thanks to my wife (Mitch) for putting up with my "artistic" side which I indulge too much and thanks to my precious little girl Lailah whom I hope I can make proud one day! :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Baby Fink has arrived...

Sorry guys, I can't add any photos yet because I'm using my cell phone to post this. Anyway, my baby girl was born last night. She weighs seven pounds and eleven ounces. She has a beautiful full head of hair and a funny smile!
I will add pics when I get home of her and I have some cool pics from the Rat Fink Reunion as well so stay tuned! :)