Friday, May 21, 2010

Black on Black...

We have established that I have an affinity for classic Chevy's...This is Rod Jones fine example and it is baaad! It kinda reminds me of the 36 Ford Cole Foster built for Kirk Hammett. The two toned black looks amazing on this car and I am so thankful that he chose me to add the only color on it's exterior; I did a two tone job of bright Red and Tan. There is a cluster design on the hood and trunk and I did a stripe down the side of the car as well.

Rod is a master upholsterer and he has excellent prices as well. If you should ever need anything done his contact info is 801-376-0608...make sure and tell him Andy sent ya! ;)

Thanks again for looking at my little ramblings...We will see you at the reunion!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So in my journeys I have painted a lot of fun stuff for my friends Maradee and Daryle. I was pretty excited when I got a phone call from Daryle wondering if I could paint another snowmobile hood for him...or for his friend! Thank you so much for the call, I really appreciate anyone that spreads my name around like that! :)

So to cut to the chase, I painted the whole hood Red and then put about 20 coat's of Red metal flake on it. After that I marbleized it with pearl black and then did a little stripe work.

I sure hope you like this paint job and if anyone needs anything done, please let me know! :)