Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I went to the Sunset City car show this past weekend where I had the opportunity to stripe my friend Kelly's daughters car. It's a 59 Impala that is bad to the bone! It has loads of character and now it's really ready to represent with a two tone stripe job! I also did a couple pairs of sneakers that turned out pretty kool so I threw them in for ya to look at as well! Thanks again for letting me work my mojo on your cars...and sneakers! Catch ya later! :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Devil's and Angel's

I recently had the opportunity to not only pinstripe, but do the entire custom paint job on one of my best friends bikes. Rowdy, my friend has a rather exuberant personality and I wanted his paint to match his personality...a little larger than life! :) Anyway, I started by painting the whole bike black. From there that's when the fun started. I did a smoke/marble technique with color shifting paint, light airbrush work, some free hand and some Craig Frazer stencils, a flame job on the front fender and tank, static pinstriping around the flames, old skool pinstriping on the rear fender and then a mile of deep shiny clear! You can probably see my wife Mitch taking the pictures in some of the photos! :) This was a fun bike to do and I appreciate all the kind words I have received about it so far! Rowdy, I hope you enjoy it buddy!