Saturday, July 23, 2011

Two really cool bikes...

I have been busy as of lately and haven't updated this as much as I should but here are some of my most recent jobs...the Black metric chopper was built by Tony Colluci of Colluci Customs and features Rose Pink and Baby Blue stripes and the Honda Goldwing trike belongs to Dave Davis, a retired military vet that I have a tremendous amount of respect for. They were both super fun jobs to do and I appreciate both...and for good measure I included a picture of my beautiful daughter Lailah having a blast with Skip a Sock whom she LOVES! Thanks for perusing my ramblings! :)


  1. That top bike is probably my favorite you have done so far. And the scroll stripes turned out awesome. =) Glad Lailah pulled away before getting nipped...wouldn't want her to be afraid of skip. =)
    - Michelle

  2. I like seeing the scroll work one - different style, equally awesome! Love both bikes designs.