Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Thanks to Ed "Big Daddy" Roth

As a pinstriper I feel like I owe a lot to those that came before me...I have been practicing my Rat Fink's and I am finally getting good enough that people want them! This one was created for Mark in Thousand Oaks California...Thanks to Mark as well, for all the nice words. It's not quite finished yet, as it will have a distressed look on the edges but it's almost there!

I feel like it needs to be summer...I miss warm, even hot, I miss car shows, I miss softball etc...I finally have a "shop truck" I will be taking to the shows and I'll post pics of it soon! :)
Till next time...


  1. The new stripin' looks really good - and ole' Fink - awesome as ever!

  2. Ya, looks awesome! "Big Daddy" would be proud! Can't wait to see that shop truck with some mean door art! ;)

  3. The truck's pinstiping is so cool! Was even more excited to see the sonogram pics of your sweet baby girl. What fantastic news! You'll be the best Daddy to a little girl---I know it! Congrats!! Aunt Cheryl