Saturday, February 6, 2010

A new face...

This entry really doesn't have anything to do with pinstriping per say...well, maybe a little bit. :) My new logo for my blog is a truck I recently acquired that I am turning into my "shop truck"...The header/logo as usual is courtesy of my wife Michelle...mad props to her! So new face on my blog and a soon to be new face in my life as well.

We found out yesterday that we are having a baby girl!!! The due date is June 13, and we went and picked her up some Pink Chuck Taylors yesterday! We already have names written down too. Michelle is stuck on Sophie and Madeline and I'm hooked on Lux or Langley for now...feel free to weigh in or give suggestions! :)

Thanks for listening to my ramblings...

And a few pics of the truck:


  1. Doin' the Happy Dance!! :)
    Doin' the Happy Dance!! =)
    Doin' the Happy Dance!! :D

  2. Posted the comment on the wrong blog entry--one below this one. Still excited about your baby girl!!
    C Dog's Grandma

  3. Since we have 4 boys, we never got to use Abigail. I like Sophie better than your crazy names Andy. haha New logo looks cool! Diggin the truck!

  4. Congratulations Andy & Michelle!! Get used to pink!

    Love the truck header, love the vintage truck. As well, I love truck logos- My business logo is a truck and here's a link to a few more, including another one I designed from a photo.

    Is Michelle a designer as well? She totally rocked that blog header! I was looking around your blog for a link to her work.

    Wishing you all the best with your new baby and the incredible journey of parenthood.

  5. Sophie Lux is a beautiful name!!! Lovin that blog header!!My hubby builds hotrods, so I found your site just by accident!! Congrats!!

  6. Great names. I wanted to name our daughter so her intials would be A.C.E. but hubby wouldn't go for it.