Sunday, March 7, 2010

What a great experience...

This weekend was sooo fun...a little draining but very fun! I feel like the stripers are a second family for me. Everyone is so nice and willing to share knowledge. The older guys who have been there and done that, like Bruno and Creep, the mid range guys like Mark Wood and the young guys on the block like KC, Josh and me all get along and share experiences! I never got a final tally on how much we raised this weekend but I know that Ilene Roth threw about two or three grand alone at this charity so we all owe her a great big thank you when we see her! She bought several of my pieces this year and I can't tell you how excited I am to know that some of my work will be displayed at the museum!

I met Charlie Hutton and he actually told me that he liked my work...what a compliment!
Mark Wood gave me a Leonardo's customs shirt that is totally awesome!
Ilene Roth gave me another Rat Fink shirt...I live in these things!
This was a great experience for me and I already can't wait for next year!!!
See ya'll at the Rat Fink Reunion...


  1. I'm excited that you were able to have the opportunity this year to be part of the pinhead's booth. I'm really proud of you babe, and think that's its fantastic that your talents benefited such a great cause. =)

  2. Shauna said: Hey - tried to comment on Andy's blog and it wouldn't let me - rejected me twice. Tell him his work is fabulous and congratulations!

  3. Hey my super talented cousin! Funny thing, I was blog surfing today for some creative ideas and ran across this:

    You are amazing! Congratulations on the baby girl. I had no idea you guys were expecting. So exciting!